Monday, June 9, 2014

Blog Update!

It has been over a year since my last post on this blog, but for great reasons!  I have had a year that can go down in the record books of 'Most Amazing'.  Not only have I been planning my wedding that will be coming up in September, but I have been training and running the Boston Marathon, completing my first year of teaching 2nd grade, and working on my other blog Living the Teaching Life (check it out here).

Wedding Planning Update:

I am the luckiest gals in the world because I get to marry a man that is hands down Incredible!  Not only is he very handsome, funny, and loving, but he is a very sexy police officer *wink*.  We also share a passion for working out, but I still kick his butt in running.

Boston Marathon:

Yep--you read right!  Boston, baby!  I was very fortunate to have qualified for the Boston Marathon after my first marathon.  This year was especially amazing because of the strong community that stood together to show that no one can break us from being Boston Strong.

Blog Update:

Now that I am free for the summer, I truly wanted to start focusing on this Running blog.  Running is a major part of my lifestyle, and I have found some great ways to stay strong and healthy over my many years on the road.  It is important that a running community works together, so I want to share with you all of the tips and tricks that I have found to work or fail miserably! Also, I will be sharing with you some new workouts that you may find in magazines or online articles.  I will test run each and give you my honest opinion of how it worked. 

I am hoping that you are ready to begin this wonderful summer out with a POW!

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