Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Getting Started

Happy Tuesday!  Here is a peak at the workout space that I use.  It is equipped with all the things I like to use.  It may be lacking essentials for any die hard lifting junkies out there, but, like I said, it is perfect for my lifting needs.

I just finished my workout, and I am sitting here (spoon of peanut butter and water on hand) thinking about how I want to share everything that I did.  At one point in the past two hours, I had the *brilliant idea* to take pictures and videos of myself doing some of the moves (notice * * is indicating my sarcasm); however, the pictures turned out so *wonderful* that I did not want anyone to become jealous of my photogenic self.  Now I know you would love to see me try to balance on one foot with my hands in the air while attempting to do squats, but life is just not fair sometimes.

So here is my alternative to my first idea.  I figured I would share with you the *hideous* model they have pictured in the magazines (isn't it amazing how she works out and still looks like she stepped out of a limo).  I will rate them using a highly sophisticated method--peanut butter rating.  Being such a pb fan, the more pb the better:

4 pb= It works so well that I feel it working already!
3 pb=I would do that again!
2 pb=  Because I ate so much pizza it seemed to work a little.
1 pb=A move that maybe I would do for a filler.
0 pb= I think you should just move on now.

Here is the first workout:

This workout was featured in the June 2014 Self magazine or click here to see it online.  It is called the Flat Abs workout; however, I would like to switch it to Look Ridiculous While Getting Flat Abs workout.

Move One- It's a Cinch

I am not for or against this particular move.  If you are able to get the correct angles, you can feel it in your obliques pretty well.  I have to say that I would not put it into my regular abs regimen because it lacked the intensity that I get from other moves.

Move Two- Dead Bug

This is a great move that you can feel below your obliques.  I like the motion of this move as well.  Give yourself space when you are doing this.

Move Three- One Arm Squat Thrust

This is a move that is very difficult to master at first.  So, I am pretty sure I looked like this guy:
Take your time and make sure you are balanced before you pop your legs out.  Also, when you jump your legs out, make sure they are shoulder length apart.

Number 4-Genie Abs

Even though you may not feel a little silly moving your hips back and forth like a genie, this move really makes you focus on your lower body.  At first, this seems to be a very simple move, but as time goes by, the squat becomes harder, so you have to concentrate on shifting your hips.  Make it even harder by doing it for a half minute or minute longer.

Move 5-Down for the Count

Overall, there are better moves to do for flat abs than this one.  Just as the name states, you truly are just down on the ground counting until you are done. 

Move 6-Liftoff

This move is really similar to my regular Dying Cockroach ab move.  Only you are not moving your hands up along with your legs. I found this way to be easier, so I recommend using your hands as well if you are ready to challenge yourself.

Hope you find this helpful!  Try out the moves for yourself! I will probably add the Dead Bug and One-Arm Squat Thrust into some of my ab workout days.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Blog Update!

It has been over a year since my last post on this blog, but for great reasons!  I have had a year that can go down in the record books of 'Most Amazing'.  Not only have I been planning my wedding that will be coming up in September, but I have been training and running the Boston Marathon, completing my first year of teaching 2nd grade, and working on my other blog Living the Teaching Life (check it out here).

Wedding Planning Update:

I am the luckiest gals in the world because I get to marry a man that is hands down Incredible!  Not only is he very handsome, funny, and loving, but he is a very sexy police officer *wink*.  We also share a passion for working out, but I still kick his butt in running.

Boston Marathon:

Yep--you read right!  Boston, baby!  I was very fortunate to have qualified for the Boston Marathon after my first marathon.  This year was especially amazing because of the strong community that stood together to show that no one can break us from being Boston Strong.

Blog Update:

Now that I am free for the summer, I truly wanted to start focusing on this Running blog.  Running is a major part of my lifestyle, and I have found some great ways to stay strong and healthy over my many years on the road.  It is important that a running community works together, so I want to share with you all of the tips and tricks that I have found to work or fail miserably! Also, I will be sharing with you some new workouts that you may find in magazines or online articles.  I will test run each and give you my honest opinion of how it worked. 

I am hoping that you are ready to begin this wonderful summer out with a POW!